FKACO Music Logistics Service for CD, DVD & Vinyl Manufacturing includes on-demand Fulfillment. Providing an alternative to the current 30+ week delay for product to sales, especially on vinyl. FKACO allows artists, labels and publishers to order Vinyl, CD & DVD manufacturing and fulfillment directly from B2B to B2C.

Providing customers with a streamlined order process via FORM or our retailer support. With on-time manufacturing, fulfillment and accounting for vendors. The system we use has a proven track record, and has been in use by FKACO since 2020. Quarterly details of orders with product id, quantity, date, and recipient with address are provided to our vendors. Including agreed payment remittance.

All orders are pending until payment is made and product is received by the customer. Whether B2B or B2C, FKACO remits payments in 48-72 hours. Vendors can login to their support account and check for all pending orders or use your credit card or bank account to pay for bulk orders.

If clients or vendors want to order bulk units, to sell on their site or otherwise, once payment is made your orders are processed and shipped directly to you. Revolving credit accounts, can also be funded by prepaying or making a payment (on your invoice) with a credit card or bank account. Revolving credit is currently handled via Stripe.

There are no minimums and no setup fees. We do not offer quantity discounts, sales commissions, or special arrangements, unless contracted prior.

Contact to order bulk. If you are an artist, label or publisher contact for fulfillment account details.

FKACO manufactures and fulfills for vendors. All vendors will be notified when an order is placed, and will receive all order tracking information and numbers, just like the customer. This order status lets you track the order from your account in or distro support panel. All orders are shipped with USPS, UPS or Fedex depending on the customers preference.

This FKACO service can be used to publish new titles or back catalog units, on-demand, bulk or reissue. Contact FKACO to send your manufacture/fulfill requests to the factory. We publish titles monthly, manufacturing and fulfilling orders with over 25 years of music retail know-how.