Ghadaqan (BMI)

Ghadaqan music (and records) handles music administration for BMI/ASCAP & SESAC. Sub-Publishers include So Amusing (ASCAP) and Urban Sufi Music (SESAC). As a BMI publisher Ghadaqan Music is in charge of song title registrations, copyright applications, the issuance of licenses for Urban Sufi Musi apart of AUX Digital Network music library. 

Including North American to Global relationships with MLC, HFA, SoundExchange, Sesac, BMI, Sesac, RXMusic, Mood and more.

For licensing management (projects) inquiries of ADN music library and affiliates assets please use the Ghadaqan portal to imitate the process. You can register here:

All contracts, financing, rights, deliveries and reports are handled by Ghadaqan.

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