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Independent Media Specialist, Distribution, Marketing & Streaming

Audio Documents (Audocs) is a Record & Media Company Extra-Ordinary. A boutique music label  • Broadcast • Database • Shop • Press with distribution and manufacturing services. 

Mission Statement:

Our purpose is to aid indie artists, labels and, publishers express, communicate and, empower their products with initiative & creativity. As a creative, professional and, visionary organization, we affect the world positively by embracing those around us utilizing practical methods in goodness and well-being to the best of our ability. Including effective product and inventory to global philanthropy, achieving abundance, success, with longevity and ease for our company, clients and global community, God Willing.

Industry: Media > Music, Sound Recordings, Merchandise & Services

Mailing: 2201 Francisco Dr., Suite 140-253 , El Dorado Hills Ca. 95762

  • Headquarters: California, United States
  • Founder(s): William Robinson
  • Founded: 2008

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