Established in California that specializes in beat art, instrumentals, library music hip-hop, nu-Jazz, world-sacred music & spoken word. Also pop to jazz to world music. jazz, instrumental, symphonic, contemporary, pop, folk, blues, country, opera, sacred, rock, dance, latin, hip-hop/Rap, stage & screen, soundtracks, film, background (commercial), spoken word, reggae, electronic, soul & new age.

Founder: William L. Robinson

For over 20 years Robinson has been a pivotal force in the Independent Music community. As an Artist, Producer and Project Manager, he is well versed in various aspects of production, product placement, packaging, pr and international marketing in the entertainment industry.  Including online, and traditional methods from sales through to release delivery, reporting & billing.  Successfully inserting Primetime & Non-Primetime commercial content to major corporations such as: MTV, MTV2, PSP, VH1, ESPN, ESPN 2, SPIKE, DISNEY CHANNEL, USA, TNT, E!, COMEDY CENTRAL & TBS.

In 2015, as the directer of merchant distributor FKA & Co., Robinson quickly injected his workflow into the company releasing over 35 physical albums in under 2 years by supplying International Indie and American based "Big Box' retail through WalMart, Target, Best Buy, FYE, Sears, Barnes & Nobles, HMV, Buy CD Now (Can), Juno Records (Uk), WOW, Redeye (Au), Arukereso (Budapest), Mondadori (italy), iMusic & JPC (Germany) and more.

Innovation: Audocs/AudioDocuments, Audi0FILE, DNLD

  • Album Unit (Document) / AUD / Full Album Stream / Continues mix
  • Album-Equivelent Unit (AEU)
  • Audio Unit X (AUX) - Media audio track, album or record composite (any form equivalent)

FKACO/FKA/Formerly Known As Label, Brand, Design & Fulfillment
EST. (2015)

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