Audocs jumped into the USB-Album market in 2014. It took a few months to find the manufacturer in China, but it all came together in 2017. The first release's where Basmala - Basmala Lp, and Autolect - Monoverse (RSDUK-2017). 

Following up with custom packaging and checkout stand hang-tags. We launched the product in the greater Sacramento area thru Dimples Record Stores (O-O-B). 

From Asia, we launched the TECHNAI brand in Cyberjaya, Malaysia. Entering into a manufacturing agreement with SINO MEMORY(HK)TECHNOLGOY CO.,LTD. Including a webpage for customers to create custom usb-albums. We brought the platform and product to the attention of MDEC, Malaysian Digital Economy Company in 2018-2019. In addition we found a supplier in Cyberjaya for CD's, whom agreed to package the Hybrid-USB-CD product for Audocs. We also signed an exclusive agreement with Simeon Lumgair and Quirky Motion Films to distribute his films and music on USB-A. We found a distributor in Ny, NY who agreed to distribute. They later backed out, insisting we take the USB out of the CD in order to distribute the Clockwork album.

PER Music Library & FKACO plan to relaunch 'Technai' as a gaming-music solution in early 2022.

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