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PER Music Library

Location: California, USA


PER Music Library (PER) Started in Burbank California as Preservation Electronic Recordings. Releasing Library, Theme & Archive music for Experimental, Hip-hop instrumentals, Ambient, Minimal and Nu jazz.


Production, Library & Archive Music, Ambient, Minimal Formats: Boxsets, Vinyl, Cd, USB & Digital

Back Catalog:

OER Series (Original Sound Recordings), Sufistication  


Preservation Electronic Recordings (PER) Launches With a Focus on High Fidelity Music

Preservation Electronic Recordings (PER) is aiming to be a major player in the worlds of experimental music, hip-hop, and Nu jazz, with their launch in 2016.

The Los Angeles-based label owned by William Robinson was born out of Formerly Known As Co. (FKA Co.), and is a premium brand, focusing on high fidelity audio files and formats, offering Digipaks, USB sticks, and vinyl for front facing catalog items.

FKA Co. will continue to exist as a home to an extensive back catalog, and will offer reissues, and CDs on demand, of albums that were released under the FKA Co. imprint.

The motivation behind dividing the company into separate entities was threefold, as Robinson wanted to separate the back catalog from the front facing new catalog, increase the label’s market share in electronic music, soundtracks, and Nu jazz, and accommodate both emerging, and traditional, formats.

PER’s first release will be visionary soul artist Basmala’s upcoming self-titled album, which is due out April 28th.

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