Radio & Promotions (R&P)

 extends to FKACO the radio promotions program for artists and new releases online. FKACO thru Audi0FILE promotes short & long-term campaigns that deliver videos, singles, albums to listeners, editors, bloggers, curators, writers and DJs, resulting in streams, views, interviews, radio play, posts, and followers.

Beyond social media, to a viable presence across all major platforms to help artists and releases find their audience as needed.

First, it is optimum to find the niche or category of music which your release enters the market. R&B, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Adult-Contemporary and College radio, music libraries.

Second, our PR program submits your write-up and music to 3,000+ websites, blogs and other writers.

Paid radio promotion costs are currently:

USA - Hip Hop and R&B (Top 100) - $295
USA - Hip Hop and R&B AC (Top 100) - $295
USA - Ultimate College Package - $450
Canada - Jazz (Full Format) - $99
Canada - Hip Hop and R&B (Full Format) - $99

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