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ORNG - Merchandise & Memorabilia for Artists & Labels by FKACO

Welcome to ORNG

Lets get started! If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of our knowledge base, please feel free to contact us for support. This KB is for ORNG vendors.


ORNG is a platform for Merchandise & Memorabilia. Vendors sell physical and digital products, in tandem with gratis downloads at DNLD. It allows the vendor to sell on ORNG and offer ads on DNLD at the same time. ORNG is a non-exclusive, member system of artists and labels. Vendors will find their dashboards clean, responsive and user-friendly. Content providers and creators manage stock from their dashboard. From adding product, shipping, sales, payment and more. It is secure, and optimized for fast product launch.

Benefits are:

  • 72 hour max payout
  • Internal messaging system
  • Video upload
  • Audio player embed
  • Quote/bid system
  • PayPal Account Payout

Key Features:

  • Drag & Drop, multi cover upload
  • Receive Quote (Price) Requests
  • Live Preview (secondary host)
  • Product based Seo Optimization
  • SEO-Friendly URL
  • Customer product reviews
  • Personalized settings for shipping
  • Selling Physical Products
  • Selling Digital Products
  • Selling License Keys
  • Bidding System
  • Classified Ads (Adding a product or service as an ordinary listing)
  • Html product description (embeds allowed)
  • Multilingual System
  • Payments via PayPal, and PayLater/li>
  • Accept Payments via Bank Transfer (Offline payment)
  • Cash on Delivery
  • Guest Checkout
  • Up to date payment status
  • Completed sales monitoring
  • Earnings statement
  • Payouts
  • Low commission
  • Payment history
  • Report Abuse for Comments and Reviews
  • Email Notifications
  • Clear Commission Rate
  • Access comments and reviews
  • Vendor product based Rss
  • Vendor shop location & map
  • Bulk Product Upload
  • Get Products featured (Price & Position at DNLD & ORNG)
  • Pending Products
  • Draft or Hide Products
  • Sell books, artwork, clothing or gifts
  • Generate internal SKU
  • Add a preview URL
  • Size variations for clothing


ORNG stores your artwork on our secure server. We discourage uploading Audio Preview (MP3 or WAV preview audio). If you need to, please upload snips, under 30 seconds for security reasons. Best practice is 1 full track, a lead single that will nestle under the cover. We don't want to invite scrapers. ORNG does encourage video files, but they will replace your main cover. Vendors can also embed audio and video from any service.

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