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Formally Known As Company logistics service includes aspects of distribution. With over 25 years of music industry experience under the belt, our service coordinates the overall planning and organization around a release. From manufacturing, storage and inventory control of CD, Vinyl and DVD projects. Audocs, our fulfillment arm distributes records globally, B2C (Business to Customer) and B2B (Business to Business). Insuring the highest market placement online, and retail globally. In the age of digital streaming, marketing the physical placement of goods, Audocs & FKACO work in tandem.

FKACO Logistics and Audocs fulfillment are key components of the in-house process for moving our projects to market. Both arms handle aspects of warehousing, stock control, shipments and sales.

FKACO Logistics and Audocs fulfillment are key components to releasing projects. FKACO & Audocs manage all aspects of the project from initial conception, to inventory and stocking the market globally. In tandem, our understanding of international shipping deliveries are right on time for wholesale orders (B2B) to fans (B2C). Including budget conscious solutions for manufacturing and encoding.

Since 2014 in-house research on global changes in shipping and supplies is conducted. Currently AUX Digital Network, catalogs and updates the industry going on's and how FKACO and affiliates can stay abreast of constant changes.

FKACO Logistics

FKACO Logistics refers to the planning of projects, delivery of resources to complete projects, manufacturing, warehousing or MOD management of inventory. All goods are handled with the utmost priority, because the clients project is our cause and concern. If warehousing is needed, vinyl, CD, DVD, and other music merchandise is connected by Audocs fulfillment in-house or via a 3rd party channel. 

Our top-tier music industry logistics management maintains the flow of goods between the clients production house and the market, which involves step-by-step project planning. From micro-tasking to macro-transportation of goods, our clients projects are in experienced hands. We receive digital production files to finished inventory. Aspects of uploading or transporting are handled from within the client dashboard. Outbound transportation, packaging and handling are also handled in-house. Including inventory management, throughout the lifecycle of a project.

FKACO Logistics has over 20 years of US, European and Pacific Rim market experience. From Australia, to Malaysia, China, London, Germany and more. The strategies we developed are time tested and reliable. Well documented experience and planning of goods to market has given us the edge for the last 10 years, whether MOD, warehousing and delivery to endpoint. FKACO Logistics management process is based on establishing a ground-swell, then stepping up the supply chain to meet demand. No-demand, means no need to keep dumping records into the supply chain. We rely on MOD (manufacturing on demand) to implement and control the movement of records. From initial pressings of the projects to reissues, we meet the demand.

Audocs Fullfilment & Distribution

Audocs is a stand-alone process of making a project available for consumers or other businesses. FKACO Logistics handles a lot of heavy lifting in the background, from media packaging to pulling the raw material together as well encoding the final product, and delivering to radio and other services. Audocs handles manufacturing, storage, order fulfillment and secondary packaging of goods for wholesale. FKACO Logistics sometimes steps in to assist Audocs with the handling of returned goods and billing.

FKACO Logistics improves the overall market function of releasing a record. With planning, intelligence and proven solutions, Audocs distributes records in a very cost conscious way. Since 2008 product placement has been at the heart of the Audocs process. In 2014-16, in collaboration with FKACO over 35 projects where injected into the global market. This was done and still exists today for global consumers and retailers to simply get the product, and for vendors to receive a fair exchange.

FKACO and Audocs fulfilled and moved goods thru the distribution of Vinyl and CD to the UK and Europe in 2016. Securing position in RSD-UK in 2017. This included initiating, manufacturing, retail contracting,  retrieving goods from storage and preparing for transportation. In-house packaging, and modal export transportation meant the proper paperwork and clear lines of distribution. Moving the records out of the US supply chain, which was a critical step in establishing our global supply chain management solution. FKACO and Audocs is use to overseeing the movement of vinyl, CD, DVD and USB-A from manufacturer to the point of sale. In 2015, FKACO launched Technai USB-A/F (Audio & Film) solution, supplying original music and film content on USB. This included contracting with a manufacturer in mainland China, and coordinating shipments from Hong-Kong to Los Angeles and finally to our location in California. We round-tripped this over a dozen times for over 3 years, cutting manufacturing costs by 70%.

Check back with us about our Technai solution, as we relaunch the USB, Album and Film.

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