FKACO – Merchandising Program


FKACO’s merchandise, physical marketing and promotions programs is a limited edition low overhead  program. Now vinyl and cd's are included as merchandise. Along with posters and apparel.

Artists and labels are free to sell their merchandise, whether physical or digital at venues record stores and other online distributors as vendor (publisher or label). As long as such items do not interfere with FKACO listed items in title, packaging or fingerprint. Any such additional units to do so physically must be purchased by the vendor, label or publisher.

50 (min) - 100 = 3.75 per unit

100 - 150 = 2.70 per unit

150 - 200 = 2.50 per unit

250 (max) = 2.00 per unit

1st Run - 50 units, Wholesale value = 6$, MSRP = 12$ (YOU AGREE TO RETAIL from 6-12$) ___

Additional artist or label units needed for in-stores or self distribution must be purchased 100% by the label or artist. Units must be purchased through FKACO, as a product order. This includes limited edition cassettes and vinyl. All profit from sales are that of the purchaser, artist - label etc.

-All manufacturing charges, for additional label or artist units are due 30 days after delivery. Absolutely NO units will be pressed until previously ordered unit balance is paid in full. There is no late fee, but un-paid manufacturing may be weighed against due royalties and added quarterly fees accrued.

-All services (promoter, publicist, radio, and or manufacturing) are the responsibility of the artist, label or company contracted. Unless, noted in the agreement, hence 50/50 split or 100% white labeled, via the labelor artist (you).



Royalties: from Digital and Physical sales, will be calculated quarterly and weighed against any outstanding charges, including advanced manufacturing (billed separately). 

Payments will be remitted in check, online payment service or ACH, based on actual sales of digital, Cd or vinyl (As contracted). All payments can also mailed to your address on file. Any stop check fee's will be charged to the label, company or artist on the next quarterly statement.


All copyrights are the property of the artist, label etc. FKACO strongly encourages, all albums to-be be copywriten for network usage, digital and or physical. This include logging and splits preceding post production to label and or artist or company before going to manufacturing.

Fka Co, may need to be granted copywrite usage in some cases.

Any sound alike notices or takedowns for label releases are the responsibility of the contracted label, artist or publisher.

Creative Control (disclaimer)

In the past, We have never had an issue with profane or taboo subject matter. In addition we have never released a record with an Explicit Lyric or content rating. This is due to many reasons, one being the skill level of the personal we get down with needs no such "SENSATIONALISM". Two, the moral character or fiber of our releases tend to challenge the mind body and soul in a positive manner. We do keep cursing at a minimal and tend to keep bashing at a minimal or at least clever.

No records will be placed that do not maintain the above mentioned character on each release. All Cd and digital artwork are the responsibility of the label, artist or publisher. Any changes in title(s), artwork or songs after manufacturing will be incured by the artist, label or publisher. Resulting in a new run of 50 units.


Artist, Label Or publisher will maintain 100% publishing and rights to each record at the conclusion of the agreement.

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