What We Do

FKACO began as Formerly Known As, Company (FKA Co.), in September 2012. As a Merchant distribution and Media holding company for Brands. Including Music Label services globally. In 4 years, FKACO developed a supply chain, and managed logistics via Audio Documents 'Audocs'.

Retail Specialists

Music retail delivery, marketing & promotions are apart of FKACO. Wether through wide traditional means, including radio, television, film and commercials by way of Independent Music publishers.

More narrow initiatives include wholesale marketing, physical and digital. All deliveries Include various forms of customer aids to enhance physical and online product groundswell and regional outpour.

Supply Chain & Logistics

Cross channel placement include, supply chain management and stewardship for physical and digital products. Marketing assets, delivery and storage of vital information to be distributed to customers.

FKACO initially researched and developed the Audocs System as a digital delivery service in 2008. This included a proprietary workflow based on the FKACO product placement and service model for Fulfillment of digital goods and services.

The Audocs core system handles assets for secure delivery, physical warehousing and transport logistics. Audocs System culminated the FKACO network that mirrors the independent product placement supply channel . A cross section of several industries including digital and physical standards.

Audocs 'AUX' Digital streaming at Audio Documents and promotional DNLD, FKACO diligently addresses global logistics and supply chain fulfillment in a flat manner from the top down.

Marketing Support

International broad marketing initiatives, commercialize products for FKACO. Budget consideration based on scale-ability of each product and reach enlist a concise market concept for products. Market concepts aid FKACO sales and profits along the supply chain by enhancing customer satisfaction.

FKACO licenses jazz, soundtracks, instrumentals, nu-jazz, hip-hop and nu-soul.

FKACO currently directs retail solutions for wholesale and direct to consumer orders. FKACO updates inventory 3-5 times per quarter on average 25 times per year. Social feeds and updates include newsletters, social networks and other affiliated sites online. Promotions by way of DNLD are B2B & B2C consent based and go out monthly. Including product updates, product sheets and other important information to ease the ordering process.

In 2016-17 each B2B newsletter blast encompassed a 10-15% open rate. For effective crossover and touch points, Formerly Known As (FKA) projects a 60% increase in the next 3 years along with broad marketing initiatives in North America. Most major market promotions are conducted in the US and Canada.

Digital & Physical Sales Support

Priority one for digital and physical sales are based on marketing activities and customer satisfaction for services and goods. Daily operations include, DNLD promotions for supply chain production and packaging to shipment of products. Several customer based gratis programs have been initiated at DNLD.

Online and retail buyer catalogs enable buyers to contact regional distributors, big box stores and independent retail that stock for FKACO. DNLD Gratis and Limited edition offers for wholesale accounts may also utilize traditional and portal based ordering.

The Audocs shop in collaboration with FKACO administers and manages sales, physical handling, warehousing and transport related issues for an exact or ‘Right on time’ plan and forecast for FKACO accounts.

Product Management

FKACO legitimacy, as product specialist, supply chain management has gathered more data for global success since 2012 onward.

FKACO is well informed globally to increase efficiency, cycle time and customer salience for clients. Including comprehensive marketing plans for B2B, B2C and wholesale direct marketing initiatives, Narrow to wide, co-op to retail advertisement handled by upper management in North America and worldwide.

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